Have you ever thought about children who actually live without the real flavours of childhood? Very recently a national conference was organized in Odisha on the “Integrated Child Protection Scheme” or ICPS. The key issue for discussion was institutionalization of children (sending them to Children’s Homes, etc.) who are without parental care, should be the last resort. Instead foster care, adoption and sponsorship programmes should be more encouraged. The alternatives like foster care and adoption is yet to be popular so that, all of these children could be accommodated in India without institutions. When a great number of women today are opting for professional life along with their domestic life and trying hard to take care of their biological children (which often makes them to go for ‘one child’ norm), how feasible would it to go for adoption? On the other hand, plight of children in these institutions cannot be denied. At this juncture, the dilemma is whether institutions should really be closed down, or some sort of standardization in terms of quality care is required.