CCS Research



  • process

    A Process of Data collection and Data Management

    Integrated Child Development Services is the most comprehensive scheme of the Government of India for early childhood care and development....

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  • Child Development Services

    Access to Child Development Services

    Children are the future and valuable human resource of a country. Every welfare state formulate policy and design programmes to...

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  • care

    Juvenile Justice

    Children are considered to be the greatest asset of a nation. Their nurture and solicitude are nation’s responsibility. It’s the...

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  • Juang tribe of Odisha

    Malnutrition and Child Development in Juang tribe

    Ensuring children's health is a universally supported goal of development and in this respect, malnutrition is considered as an important...

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  • education

    Right to Education

    In line with article- 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as well as article- 45 of the...

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  • immunisation

    Inter District Variations in Immunization Coverage in Odissa-Analyzing the Blind Spot

    Purpose:  This study was conducted; * To map the pattern of immunization coverage of children in the rural and urban...

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  • edu

    A Study on the Perception and Attitude of Children of Sanitation Workers towards Education

    Purpose:  The objective of this study was; *  To assess the status of education of sanitation workers’ children; *  To...

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  • nutrition

    A Nutritional Status of Tribal Children in Phiringia Block of Kondhamal Districts

    Purpose:   The purpose of the study was; To analyze and evaluate the patterns of malnourishment among Kondha tribal children age...

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    Examining the policies of water and sanitation in india

    India with a population of 1.25 billion is the second most populous country in the world with a large chunk...

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  • SB Budget Analysis-1

    An analysis of the Swach Bharat ( Gramin) Odisha budget

    An analysis of the Swach Bharat ( Gramin) Odisha budget was done by the centre. Objective: 1. To examine the...

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  • WASH-1

    WASH in health facilities in 3 high priority districts of Odisha

    WASH a much neglected area in the Indian development planning, in spite of huge budgets of subsequent governments in water...

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  • Anaemia-1

    Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Pregnant Women on Anaemia in Balangir District of Odisha

    Background and Objectives: Anaemia in pregnancy is defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as a haemoglobin concentration below 12g/dl. Iron-deficiency...

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