Child rights as an issue cuts across generations. Hence, internalising the same in education system can make a great difference. A post graduate level curriculum on child rights is being developed in order to build informed and sensitive citizens.

The United Nations ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ (CRC), held in 1989, prescribes a set of norms for universal legal norms for the protection and holistic development of children (i.e. all human beings up to the age of 18) by regarding them as individual human entities. Looking at the widespread prevalence and insensitivity towards the children, the need of increasing awareness on child rights becomes pertinent. While the awareness programmes of government have its own importance, there is a need of imbibing sensitivity in the youth.

With is assumption, a curriculum on child rights has been planned to be developed by the Centre for Children Studies which can be included in various post-graduate courses.  It is expected that the delivery of this curriculum will help in building informed citizens on the issue of child rights.